What is GTCI?

Launched for the first time in 2013, the GTCI is a report produced on an annual basis by the Adecco Group, together with international business school INSEAD, and for 2020, Google. The global report measures the ability of countries to attract, retain and grow talent.

The report also contains the GCTCI (Global Cities Talent Competitiveness Index), which ranks cities around the world on their talent competitiveness.

Each year the report focuses on a theme relevant to talent competitiveness, giving tangible examples of good practice and where improvements can be made.

The GTCI 2020

UK and Ireland

The GTCI indexes 132 countries in total. This year’s rankings for the UK and Ireland are:

  • UK: 12
  • Ireland: 15

The GTCI looks at 155 cities around the globe. Cities representing the UK&I, and their rankings, are:

  • London (UK): 2
  • Dublin (IRE): 13
  • Edinburgh (UK): 45
  • Birmingham (UK): 76
  • Cardiff (UK): 77

The Index

The Index is created by looking at 70 different variables; ranging from organisational collaboration and foreign direct investment to innovation output and labour productivity, these variables help determine a country’s ‘talent competitiveness’ – the ability to attract, develop and retain skilled workers, thereby supporting productivity and prosperity.

The United Kingdom (12th) is one of the top countries in growing talent (5th) and in having a strong pool of Global Knowledge Skills (3rd), ranking inside the top 10 in all the associated sub-pillars. As a talent magnet for overseas business and people, the country also performs well in the sub-pillar External Openness (6th), but a relatively low degree of Internal Openness (31st) drags down its overall rank in the Attract (12th) pillar. Solid performances in all sub-pillars related to Enable (15th) and Retain (17th) also contribute to the United Kingdom’s overall ranking in the GTCI. The country’s weakest pillar is Vocational and Technical Skills (24th), where more could be done to improve secondary education and make it more relevant for the labour market.

Ireland (15th) returns to the top 15—at the expense of New Zealand—in the GTCI 2020. At the pillar level, it ranks in the top 10 with respect to Attract (9th), thanks to high scores in both External Openness (9th) and Internal Openness (13th). The country is particularly successful in attracting overseas business. It also has a good pool of Vocational and Technical Skills (11th), where a key strength is how well it matches labour supply with market demand (8th in Employability). Solid performances in both High-Level Skills (13th) and Talent Impact (11th) mean that the country also has a good pool of Global Knowledge Skills (12th). There is most scope for improvement in areas related to enabling talent (21st), where all three sub-pillars rank below Ireland’s overall rank (Regulatory Landscape, 17th; Market Landscape, 30th; and Business and Labour Landscape, 20th).

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